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Pests are not only dangerous to humans, but also to animals and plants. Garden City Exterminator knows these common pests that are a menace to your wellbeing and classifies them either as human pests, animal pests or plant pests. Have questions? Call us or read on for more information.
Common human pests that Garden City Exterminator kills -

  • Bed bugs – You and your guests need not spend sleepless nights wasting away your blood to bed bugs. Get our professional Garden City, NY exterminators now and you will save yourself from discomfort.
  • Lice – Why entertain lice? You may say you are too clean for lice to affect you. But, provided that you get attracted to some nice vintage attire, know that lice eggs could well be part of the bargain. Yet, you do not have to get scared of buying things like vintage attire - just call Garden City Exterminator to launder and fumigate them from lice.
  • Fleas – Watch out if you have cats and dogs that go outside. Fleas are known to have the springiest leg muscles of all living things. They can easily jump far to avoid being killed or form one host to another. In case you are wondering “how does this affect me when I do not have pets?” know that this is a valid question, but, have you ever thought about how the name ‘flea market’ came about. Yes, a flea market is a place where secondhand clothes are bought and sold in the open. Either you or your siblings could be a fan of flea market vintage. Just advise them that in case they plan to buy vintage clothing from flea markets, they should have Garden City Exterminator get rid of all fleas likely to be hiding secretly within the vintage attire.
  • Jiggers – Jiggers? Yes, jiggers can affect you! Jiggers are a special kind of species that penetrate through human skin and settle within the flesh slightly deeper from the skin. They make your flesh their home as they feed on your blood. They can cause you restless nights as they suck the blood. In some parts of the world, jiggers have been known to maim their hosts rendering them physically immobile. Avoid the danger! Just call Garden City Exterminator whenever you hear of jiggers within your vicinity.

Common animal pests that Garden City Exterminator kills -

  • Ticks – ticks affect domestic animals such as cows, horses, goats, donkeys, camels, sheep, etc. They also affect common pets such as dogs. Garden City Exterminator has a comprehensive solution to help you safely and effective get rid of ticks from your pets and domestic animals.
  • Bed bugs – Bed bugs affect not only you but also domestic birds. You need not let your chicken, ducks, guinea hens, peacocks, and others get affected.
  • Lice – lice affects most domestic birds including chicken, doves, ducks and even some other pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Call Garden City Exterminator to help save your pets and birds from lice.
  • Fleas – fleas affect almost all domestic carnivore and omnivores such as dogs, cats, chicken, ducks, guinea pigs, etc. Get rid of fleas. Call a professional Garden City, NY exterminator now!
  • Flies – House flies, Tsetse flies and mosquitoes – Both house Flies, tsetse flies and mosquitoes affect humans and animals alike.

Common plant pests that Garden City Exterminator kills -

  • Weevils – weevils affect grains and cereals.
  • Stalk borers – stalk borers affects maize and sorghum stalks.
  • Termites – termites commonly attack plant roots and dry plants.
  • Locusts – locusts feed on vegetation. They commonly attack plant leaves.
  • Army worms – army worms, just like locusts, usually attack vegetation.

Why let society suffer when you do have a remedy within your reach? Get Garden City Exterminator now! Our professional Garden City, NY exterminator company has been known for years as the practical solution to unwanted pests. You wouldn’t be alone in seeking this solution; hundreds of thousands of Garden City, NY residents receive this pest extermination solution every day. Why not you? Get help now. Call Garden City Exterminator.

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